Yuta Tanaka

He was born on February 1987 in Japan. He listened to various genres of music that inspired him to begin playing the guitar at age of twenty.
He has peformed in the United Kingdom,Germany,Switzerland,Australia,New Zealand,Japan,Philippine and Malaysia.
His passion is to play the blues ,however with years of dedication and countless hours of practice he has developed an extra ordinary technique and fingerstyle aability to simultaneously play complex bass lines,harmony and melody at the same time.
His original compositions are influenced by roots music like blues,jazz,country and so on.
Especially his ballads and bluesy compositions are popular with his audience.
Peformed at Kota kinabalu jazz festival festival 2014, awarded audience prize at fingerpicking day 2016 in Japan.

Yuta Tanaka

Live Peformance

He has been playing at jazz festivals,concert halls,restaurants, hotels, runge,bars,weddings everywhere in this world performing his original music.

Feel free to contact him for bookings.
you can also view where he peformed on Gallery.

Yuta Tanakaは世界各国のジャズフェスティバル、コンサートホール、レストラン、ホテルラウンジ、バー、結婚式などで演奏活動をしています。演奏依頼等お気軽にご連絡下さい。



Yuta has been composing his unique music a mixture of roots,blues,jazz and a master of finger style guitar . His ballads are composed with beautiful melodies and are very popular with his audiences. Yuta’s music and composition s are perfectly suited for film. Should the need arise for film producers to use his music or have him write appropriate music . Please contact Yuta .

Yuta Tanakaのオリジナルミュージックはブルース、カントリージャズなど様々な音楽が混ざったもので特に彼のバラード曲はオーディエンスに人気があります。動画、映画などに音楽をお探しにの方はお気軽にご連絡下さい!