1.Under The Wrong Sky(2012)
2.Growing Affection(2007)
3.Take Me To Your Home(2012)
4.On The Black Ship(2012)
5.Tears In Hopes (2017)
6.Missing Sea Breeze(2013)
7.Foggy Melbourne Night(2011)
8.Eine Schwarze Sommernacht(2015)
9.When The Evening Returns(2014)
10.With These Blues (2015)

Yuta Tanaka's 10th aniversary album included songs that he composed bettween 2007 and 2017.Most of songs choosen from his previous album " when the evening returns" released in 2014 and "With these blues" released in 2015. However he recorded all songs again for this album and moreover, added one unreleased track "Tear In Hope" . You can hear various type of music from his compositions. Not only ballads but also blues. you may feel as if like watching movie while listenning to this album !

10周年記念アルバムMusic of Yuta Tanakaは2007年から2017年の間につくられた曲が収録されていて、主に過去にリリースされたWhen the evening returns(2014), With these blues(2015)から選曲されています。
しかし全て再録されたニューアルバムであり、未発表曲Tear In Hopesも含まれています。

If The Time Still Goes Around

Released 29th Sep 2017

1.Piece Of Heartache

2.Strawberry Moon

3.Song For Camphor Tree

4.If The Time Still Goes Around

5.Even If It's No Sun To Set

6.Senja Di Melaka

7.Cold Limelight

8.City Lights Of August

9.Harbour Side Blues

10.Deep Ocean In The Sky

'If the time still goes around' is Yuta's latest recording and is a soulful,bluesy collection of heart touching Ballads composed by Yuta. It is more than healing music for the soul.First track “Piece of heartache” is a great example of Yuta's incredible talent for writing ballads.
I dedicated two songs “Song for camphor tree” and "Harbour side blues"to the restaurant manager at 'Camphor tree' a venue I performed at regularly in Yokohama, Japan. A dear friend and a lover of the blues . His passing touched me deeply and I dedicated the above compositions to his memory.
"If the time still goes around" is composition for so many unanswered questions and the hope and belief I have.
“Senja di melaka” means sunset of melaka. I was inspied  by multi culture over there."Cold limelight" is my personal feelings. Words fail but music speaks.
The last track "Deep ocean in the sky" is a composition where I tried to capture the moment between evening and night. My favourite time of the day. I started playing guitar when i was sixteen years old and i started composing when I was twenty .
I have turned thirty now and I sense my real music journey started 10years ago.
As a composer, as a guitarist. I offer you this new album.


1曲目の"Piece of heartache" は自分らしいバラード曲と言えます。

"Song for camphor tree" と" Harbour side blues" は最近急になくなってしまったレストランのマスターに書いた曲です。横浜でいつもライブをやらせてもらっていて、ブルースが好きなマスターでした。
" If the time still goes around"は自分の願いや疑問を込めた曲です、時代は廻っていると信じています。"Senja di melaka"はマレーシアにあるマラッカの不思議な魅力にインスパイアされ生まれた曲です。

"Cold limelight"は個人的な気持ちを込めたものです。言葉では表現出来ない気持ちをギターでは表現できます。

最後の曲"Deep ocean in the sky"は夕方と夜の間の空が海のような景色になる時間のイメージです。


The Love Comes From The Blues

Released July 2016

1.Missionary’s dream

2.Jazz in the mirror

3.Favorite blue skies

4.Completely alone


6.Train to nowhere

7.The love comes from the blues

8.Awkward step

9.Solo blues

10.Just for a while

11.Dirty black city

12.Before across the last river

Ballads,Blues,jazz,country… his unique compositions are in this album. Sweet songs “Completety alone”,”Just for a while” are popular with his audience. and also country bluesy compositions “Dirty black city” is in this album.

some of songs are using loop pedal just like his live peformance.

all songs recorded by Gibson-b15

全てYuta Tanakaのオリジナル曲で構成されているこのアルバムにはオリジナリティーあふれる彼のブルース、ジャズ、カントリー、バラードなどが収録されています。Completely alone,Just for a whileは彼のバラードの中でも人気が高い曲であり、アグレッシブなカントリーブルース曲Dirty black cityも収録されています。何曲かは彼のライブパフォーマンスと同様にループペダルが使用されています。全ての曲がギブソンb-15で録音されています。

With These Blues

 Released Dec 2015

1.Uebeschi dorf

2.With these blues

3.Looking for the right place

4.Eine schwarze sommernacht

5.Take me to your home

6.Sweet tequila girl

7.On the black ship

8.Alone at table for two

9.They are red hot

10.St james infirmary

11.No place to go

Mixture of various type of music is in this album.

Uebeschi dorf is the name of place where in switzerland. this song was on local uebeschi news paper. Eine schwarze sommernacht is kind of jazz tune with walking bass. Take me to your home and on the black ship are his old compositions which popular with his audience.

Cover song ” They are red hot” is written by Robert johnson. Yuta got audience prize by this song at fingerstyle guitar competition called ” Fingerpicking day” 2016 in Japan.

あらゆるタイプの音楽がこのアルバムにははいっています。Uebeschi dorfはスイスにある小さな村の名前でこの曲はuebeschiの地元新聞にも紹介されました。With these bluesはYutaが得意とするリズムのブルースインプロビゼーションです。 Eine schwarze sommernachthはドイツベルリンで書かれたジャジーな曲、Take me to your homeとOn the black shipは古くに書かれたものでオーディエンスに人気があります。

ロバートジョンソンのカバー”They are red hot”は彼がフィンガーピッキングデイ2014でオーディエンス賞を受賞した時に演奏した曲です。

From The Eternity

Released Feb 2015

1.Night in warschauer strasse

2.Shoot the music killer

3.Lost january moon

4.Tumbled down towron town

5.Slippery floor

6.From the eternity

7.Above the underground

8.Dried room blues

9.No river to pray

10.Haze in shadow

11.Where the sun came back

12.At the same old music bar

Most of songs in this album composed in Germany. All songs recorded by acoustic guitar,Yamaha N700. Slippery floor is sounds like gypsy swing tune but it’s played withblues feeling .Lost January moon and No river to pray are sweet ballads songs with sadness.Dried room blues is minor blues improvisation.

If he discribe this album by short sentence, its “darkness and sadness with some hopes”
ほとんどの曲がドイツで作曲されたものでヤマハのN700というアコースティックギターで録音されています。Slippery floorはジプシースイングのような曲ですがブルースフィーリングで演奏され、バラード曲Lost January moonとNo river to prayは悲しくも優しさがある作品です。


When The Evening Returns

 Released March 2014

1.Out of blues

2.Under the wrong sky

3.Missing sea breeze

4.When the evening returns

5.Don’t dance on me

6.Down to the blue mountain

7.Another days of november

8.Sweet rainyday


10.Completely alone

11.Dirty black city

all songs recorded by Martin 000-1

Faster version of Dirty black city is in this album . this tune and Completely alone are also in the album called ” The Love Comes From The Blues( released on July 2016)” but different versions.

some of songs composed in malaysia, you may feel sea breeze from this album:)

Dirty Black Cityとcompletely aloneは2016年リリースされたThe Love Come The Bluesにも収録されてますが違うバージョンです。マレーシアで作曲された曲もあり、海がみえるような爽やかなアルバムに仕上がっています。