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When the Evening Returns

Released March 2014

1.Out of blues

2.Under the wrong sky

3.Missing sea breeze

4.When the evening returns

5.Don’t dance on me

6.Down to the blue mountain

7.Another days of november

8.Sweet rainyday


10.Completely alone

11.Dirty black city

From the Eternity

Released Feb 2015

1.Night in warschauer strasse

2.Shoot the music killer

3.Lost january moon

4.Tumbled down town town

5.Slippery floor

6.From the eternity

7.Above the underground

8.Dried room blues

9.No river to pray

10.Haze in shadow

11.Where the sun came back

12.At the same …

With These Blues

 Released Dec 2015

1.Uebeschi dorf

2.With these blues

3.Looking for the right place

4.Eine schwarze sommernacht

5.Take me to your home

6.Sweet tequila girl

7.On the black ship

8.Alone at table for two

9.They are red hot

10.St james infirmary

11.No place to go

The Love Comes FromThe Blues

Released July 2016

1.Missionary’s dream

2.Jazz in the mirror

3.Favorite blue skies

4.Completely alone


6.Train to nowhere

7.The love comes from the blues

8.Awkward step

9.Solo blues

10.Just for a while

11.Dirty black city

12.Before across the last river



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