New ebook "Fingerstyle blues key in E 25 Tabs is coming soon !

Hi everyone my 2nd ebook will be out 12th Feb 2022. I released audios from ebook in advance. you can check it out first !

You can learn these traditional ideas with steady bass line as well.These tabs are from mid level to high level probably but that's no border if you have passion for learning fingerstyle blues.

Not only traditional blues but also I wrote my kind of blues tabs. My style is playing melody with steady bass line, that's the one I want to share with blues lovers in this world. 

It looks complecated but it's easier to understand if you see tabs.

However tabs are only guide, don't forget it.Listening audio carefully and practice with tabs, That's the way to practice I recommend.

Moreover it comes with 10USD discount voucher for taking my online guitar lesson(one time use only). You can ask questions for ebook.
Hopefully you can get some ideas for playing and also enjoy tabs, thank you !