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Today is topic is “How I mute strings by thumb”

It’s very simple technique but it really effect on your playing. I think especially for making groove. Here is where I mute bass strings below.

I mute strings in the red circle area. Just touching on strings slightly, not killing sound.

And Right hand has to be relaxed.

And this is important thing,”thumb has to be straight”

If your thumb is bending you can’t play louder, sounds not strong. And also effect on making groove I think.

I never try my thumb to keep straight but it became like that. Please watch great acoustic blues musician’s thumb 🤠

Not only blues but also using this technique for country style.

But you don’t have to mute bass strings all the time. I don’t mute bass strings all the time, sometimes play blues with open bass notes.

Although depends on your style, I think you can play more groovy with muting bass notes because sounds become shorter and it gives space for your playing, you can get tight sound.

There is no answer for music playing, I’m sharing what Im doing. Thank you for reading ☺️💓 it would be nice if you buy me a coffee ☕ thank you for the support 😊