Shuffle rythm is very important for playing blues. Especially fingerstyle blues has to keep rythm by yourself.

Stumbling bass make it more blueser

I don’t know how it calls exactly but sounds like stumbling or jumping. Please watch the video below.

I think this is good exercise,this lick is very common blues language like “Hey Hey” by Big bill Broonzy.

Please listen where I put bass notes against melodies. Here is another example. You can hear the difference.

Probably its easier to understand If you think that adding bass notes inbetween 1,2,3 and 4.

Once you get this thumb movement, you can improvise and adding bass without thinking. Probably better not to think,just feel it 😃

Not only shuffle but also you can apply to other rhythm of blues.

I’ll write about more about this topic. Thank you for reading ☺️💞 it’s encourage me to Carry on if you buy me a coffee, Thank you 😊