Here is fingerstyle blues tips that I think. Not only for beginners but also work for acoustic blues lovers, I believe so !

1.Focus key in E

I’ve been posting tabs key in E because it’s really suitable key playing acoustic blues. For fingerstyle Blues, important point is get skill to keep bass notes and also important thing is bulid up your time with steady bass can improvise more freely once you’ve got it. If you can make your time by yourself, you don’t loose your time when you play with others.

2.Use Capo

Some guitarists stay away from using capo but i love to use it.

In my case my blues style is based on E and A shapes. All you have to do is put capo for changing keys but it’s not all for changing keys.

Of course I can play without capo in other keys but my priority is playing blues with my style.they are many great blues players, I can’t beat them so to me better to play with my style,it’s unique at least🙂

And capo gives muting sound slightly, it kills sustain. So sounds become tight, this is also one of the reasons why I use it.

Probably it helps to develop your own blues style.

3. Playing with Blues chord progression

Highly recommend to play with usual blues chord progressions like 12 bar blues. Not only beginners but also guitarists who don’t know much about blues, they make mistake and ruin jam session.

So first of all you need to get blues chord progression in your mind. Listening to a lot blues songs and see how chord goes.

Especially in case of fingerstyle blues,you have to play Bass notes as well. I recommend practice like video below. Playing only bass in blues chord progression.

For Fingerstyle Blues, important thing is know where play bass note. this exercise is boring probably but it works later on. another video is below, please watch and listen where i play bass notes.

Muting bass strings

It depends on situation and style but I mute bass strings because melodies become clear and sounds more groovy. Bass sound become shorter so it makes space till you hit next note.

Don’t need to mute bass strings all the time but it’s kind of blues flavor ☺️

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