Some people ask me what strings I use. I guess my blues style using bending and vibrato.

Strings,I’ve been using elixr custom light 0.11 nanowave.

And guitar action is low but without saying there are a few tips.

1.shaking with neck

My vibrato is vertical movement, I guess for blues playing it really works. Classic guitarists using lateral movement, it depends on your style.

Left hand has to relax, don’t change notes. It’s not bending. Vibrato with neck you can give more feeling I think.

My left hand thumb is away from neck, your hand stuck if you hold neck.

2. support ring finger by middle finger

It’s a trick, you can’t give enough vibrato by one finger(especially for bending this trick works)

Supporting by middle finger next to ring finger (sometimes index finger as well) 

And vibrato is express your feeling, you don’t need to try so fast, slow vibrato is also cool. Just relax and play. 

3.Playing with bass notes

Of course you can start practicing with single lick without bass.After get used to, I recommend to practice vibrato with Steady bass notes,It helps work together bass and melody.keep your time by thumb and you can see your goove.

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