Online Guitar Lesson

Recently some people ask me whether I do online guitar lesson. Now I can take time weekend Saturday and Sunday Malaysia time (UTC+8) 9am~5pm

First of all I’m not native English speaker, please understand it.

And Im self thought guitarist,I don’t know much about theories, I can’t read score.

Here is example what I can share with you

•Fingerstyle Blues

•Basic Fingerstyle movement

•How I play solo guitar

•How I compose, How I arrange songs

Lesson fee is 1 hour for 30USD If you take 4 times lessons it will be 100USD.

Payment is by PayPal. Please make payment before lessons. Non refundable lesson fee if you cancel 24 hours before the lesson.

Message me by DM or email If you are interested in it, feel free to contact me. thank you !

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