Today i would like to introduce spotify playlist which my musics are in. feel free to add my music to your playlist !


This 3 playlists are created by Billy-Joe-Clark, check it out if you like guitar instrumentals !


and this playlist created by Alec Wilson. You can listen cool blues pieces, my composition ” With These Blues” is in it !

こちらはアコギブルース好きな方にはおすすめです、自分の曲With These Bluesも入れてもらっています。

And this is my new album ” One Star Shine” .Track 6 “Useless to write a love song” is top streaming in this album.

Top 3 countries where my music is listening is United States,Canada and United Kingdom, thank you so much for your support !

そしてこちらがニューアルバムOne Star Shineです、6曲目Useless to write a love songがこのアルバムの中で一番再生されています。





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