When The Evening Returns

1.Out of blues

2.Under the wrong sky

3.Missing sea breeze

4.When the evening returns

5.Don’t dance on me

6.Down to the blue mountain

7.Another days of november

8.Sweet rainyday


10.Completely alone

11.Dirty black city

all songs recorded by Martin 000-1

Faster version of Dirty black city is in this album . this tune and Completely alone are also in the album called ” The Love Comes From The Blues( released on July 2016)” but different versions.

some of songs composed in malaysia, you may feel sea breeze from this album:)

Dirty Black Cityとcompletely aloneは2016年リリースされたThe Love Come The Bluesにも収録されてますが違うバージョンです。マレーシアで作曲された曲もあり、海がみえるような爽やかなアルバムに仕上がっています。