Music of Yuta Tanaka

Yuta Tanaka’s 10th aniversary album included songs that he composed bettween 2007 and 2017.Most of songs choosen from his previous album ” when the evening returns” released in 2014 and “With these blues” released in 2015. However he recorded all songs again for this album and moreover, added one unreleased track “Tear In Hope” . You can hear various type of music from his compositions. Not only ballads but also blues. you may feel as if like watching movie while listenning to this album !

10周年記念アルバムMusic of Yuta Tanakaは2007年から2017年の間につくられた曲が収録されていて、主に過去にリリースされたWhen the evening returns(2014), With these blues(2015)から選曲されています。
しかし全て再録されたニューアルバムであり、未発表曲Tear In Hopesも含まれています。