From The Eternity

1.Night in warschauer strasse

2.Shoot the music killer

3.Lost january moon

4.Tumbled down towron town

5.Slippery floor

6.From the eternity

7.Above the underground

8.Dried room blues

9.No river to pray

10.Haze in shadow

11.Where the sun came back

12.At the same old music bar

Most of songs in this album composed in Germany. All songs recorded by acoustic guitar,Yamaha N700. Slippery floor is sounds like gypsy swing tune but it’s played withblues feeling .Lost January moon and No river to pray are sweet ballads songs with sadness.Dried room blues is minor blues improvisation.

If he discribe this album by short sentence, its “darkness and sadness with some hopes”
ほとんどの曲がドイツで作曲されたものでヤマハのN700というアコースティックギターで録音されています。Slippery floorはジプシースイングのような曲ですがブルースフィーリングで演奏され、バラード曲Lost January moonとNo river to prayは悲しくも優しさがある作品です。